Q: Do you help the boners? Or do you—?
A: Full service. 

nothing make me happier in the afternoon than finding a weird-as-shit gif to make you giggle with :D

and nothing makes me happier in the evening than receiving a ridiculous gif from you :D

I got home after a shitty day with potentially even shittier tomorrow with a headache but then

-postcard from Moony (!!!!!!)


-Gigi making me laugh too much

so now I’m kind of in a good mood and going to make stir fry and will my headache begone with the power of codeine


Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool… in HD

If we add the word “leaked” to this will it make it more exciting? If “leaked” means “uploaded by the animation studio” then this is even more “leaked” than when “leaked” meant “shown to 1000’s of people at Comic-Con”. 


Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland.


Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland.





They’re all so cute

if anyone manages to get me the umbreon themed one i’ll love them forever


"In a rubble heap in Malibu. Come on dude, do some research."